Dear Community First Painting LLC,  We have thoroughly enjoyed having these Time for Kids magazines in our classroom. We have had many great, in-depth discussions on real life problems around our globe. Our kids have enjoyed being able to read about what is being done and come up with their own ideas on how to solve it.   These magazines have inspired many of my kids to research further into the global issues that are presented in the articles. They have spent time thinking about problem solving and suggesting solutions to big problems that our world faces.   My students enjoy reading the articles together and discussing the comprehension questions together. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for my kids!  With gratitude, Mrs. Sprague


Instructional Carpet

Dear Community First Painting LLC, Thank you so much for our new carpet!!! The individual squares are the perfect sizes for 1st grade bodies. We don’t have to worry about our classmates getting into our spaces and we are able to safely focus on learning. We gather on the carpet everyday. We have our morning meetings there, we do our reading and math lessons sitting on it, and we also utilize the carpet for our much needed brain breaks. We love it when our teacher lets us “sit anywhere” on the carpet…it’s a real treat. We spend the majority of our day there, and the carpet provides us with a safe, learning-rich environment. With gratitude, Ms. Maness


Free Exterior Painting For A Special Customer This was a hard year for many. We wanted to do something special this year to take care of someone in our community. Not long ago we ran a special for free exterior painting for one lucky customer. We had the privilege to transform the home of someone special. Our customer is a single mother of three who was able to purchase her first home. The restrictions of COVID-19 resulted in many challenges and setbacks, but she managed to stay resilient in serving the Central Kitsap school district. I hope we provided something positive in such a crazy year.